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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Treasured Moments (129)

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CHAPTER 129 – Treasured Moments

In most parts of the country, the brisk air of fall had arrived. But not in California. Summer clung tenaciously to California like a dog to a bone.

Abigail didn’t mind, though. She liked it when the long lazy nights of summer dragged into the fall. For her, it meant Dad would leave the doors open late into the evening. She would listen to the crickets chirp, and because it was warm, Dad would lay on the floor with her more. She would hop around the living room, foraging in her various spots for a chew of hay or a nibble of willow. Then she’d stop by and ask for a treat from Dad.

Sometimes, she’d suddenly pop into the air with a binky and run zoomies around the couch, daring Dad to tag her. Try as he might, she could always dodge his hand and zip by. Dad would just laugh. “You’re too fast for me, Abigail!”

Around midnight, Abigail would settle into her spot by the window. Dad would put on their song and give her a massage.

Somehow, both Dad and Abigail knew it was important not to take these times for granted, because someday, these would be the moments they would treasure.

Treasured Moments

Treasured Moments

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