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CHAPTER 248 – Treat Beggar Trainee

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 248 – Treat Beggar Trainee

Abigail watched Dad sit down on the floor by the coffee table for breakfast. She felt like having a treat. But Enzo, whom they had nominated as Head Treat Beggar, was nowhere in sight. Abigail had watched Enzo beg unabashedly for treats. She was not as bold as Enzo, but she knew how to communicate with Dad. She thought she’d give it a try.

She hopped over to Dad and put her little front paws on his leg and stared up at him with her big brown eyes. Dad looked down and said, “Hi Abigail! Do you want something?” Abigail just stared back at him. “You want treats?” he asked. Abigail thought, “Yes!”

Enzo, who was lounging behind the couch, lifted his ear. “Treats? Did someone say treats?” he thought. He came bounding out from behind the couch and ran towards Abigail saying, “Hey! Are you begging for treats? That’s my job! I’m the official Treat Beggar, remember?”

Nose-to-nose, Abigail replied, “Sorry. You weren’t around!” Then she turned and ran in the opposite direction.

Dad looked at Enzo and said, “Hey, Enzo. You don’t have to chase Abigail away. I’ll make you both a treat platter.” Enzo thought, “But Dad, I’m the official Treat Beggar!”

Dad set down a treat platter in front of Enzo. He dug right in. Abigail watched demurely from a distance. Dad placed a treat platter for her around the corner of the table, out of Enzo’s line of sight. He said, “Here you go, sweetie.” Abigail hopped over and grabbed a piece of dried mango. She thought, “Thanks, Dad. Next time, could you not say the word ‘treat’, though?” Dad understood. He winked and replied, “OK. Got it.”

There was always something new to learn about bunny dynamics.

Enzo tells Abigail that HE is the Head Treat Beggar!

Enzo tells Abigail that HE is the Head Treat Beggar!

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