Can chinchillas eat strawberries?

 Can Chinchillas Eat Strawberries?

Chinchillas love their treats…and strawberries are no exception!  After an owner feeds a small treat, they will often beg their owner for more.  However, theres just one small problem:  chinchillas are not made to eat the sugary stuff as they have delicate digestive systems that are much more suitable for the daily routine of fresh hay, fresh water, and pellets.  If you decide to feed strawberries or other treats always remember that they are indeed treats and so should only be fed in moderation.  More than a small treat per day and your chinchilla will likely be putting on extra weight and/or develop some other health problems.


Hopefully this was helpful, and as always we remind you its best to talk about these issues of health and diet of your chinchilla with a chinchilla savvy veterinarian.


Till next time, love those Chins!