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Belinda Says Hay: “Dear Santa”

Hello. It's Belinda. 

Does Santa bring Christmas gifts for rabbits? I like to think so. That’s why I sent him a letter.

To tell you the truth I didn’t really have time to write to Santa Claus. Plus find a stamp and so forth.

That's because I’m in the middle of my annual Christmas message. Just a little something I’m “whipping up” for Tuesday. I hope you will watch for it.

Last year I wrote about a fast one the English tried to pull.

The year before that it was pretty much the same. There’s a pattern in this house with the English. Naughty or nice? Come on.

Anyway my letter to Santa has a twist. As I was writing my list, I realized I have pretty much everything I want. "For the most part."

And I don't want to be greedy.

So I asked him for Christmas gifts for others. Just a few suggestions in case it would help. Imagine his paperwork.

First off,  my roommate. I think a  great gift for her is anything that would get me out from “underfoot.”

She has a lot to do each week, what with running a household. Chores and such.

What if she needs to change the furnace filter, for example, and I'm in the way? I work beside the furnace. "On a regular basis." Also next to the water heater. 

She's too polite to complain but she would probably like "easier access" to the appliances. If anyone can help with that, Santa can.

Next on the list was my boyfriend’s companion.

She naps throughout the day since she’s up all night talking. But daytime happens to be my work shift.  9 to 5 "Eastern Time."

So she hears all of my laptop noises and conference calls. "Webinars." I'm sure she could use a break from the ruckus.

I try to work quietly. But when you are forced to work in an "open floor plan" sound carries. 

Maybe Santa will send foam for the walls. Hard to say.

Last but not least, my agent. I asked Santa to send her something extra-special. She deserves it. 

When my office flooded, she did not hesitate. Took my boyfriend's companion and me in. “No questions asked.”  Set us up on the third floor.

That's when my roommate decided to "deep clean" and wouldn't let us come home. And we ended up staying at my agent's house for months. 

And when I came home my office was a closet.

I  don't mind staying at my agent's for a few days now and then. But she does not run a motel. 

So as a "preventive measure" Santa might want to send her some extra locks for the doors. Especially for the third floor.

That way my roommate will be forced to "rethink" the space here at home. If there's an issue on the bottom floor, we can just "bunk" upstairs  for a few days. 

There's plenty of space in my opinion. Just get rid of the couch or dining room table. 

And if she goes on another "renovation jag" I'll be here to keep an eye on things. No more offices turned into storage for summer clothes and camping gear. Not that I have an office.

Well that was my letter to Santa. I'll let you know what happens.

Three more sleeps until we get to open presents. I can’t wait. 



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