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Belinda Says Hay: “Goals for 2019”

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Hello. It’s Belinda.

I have been so lazy all week. I can barely write this blog. All I want to do is loaf.

And to be honest, I’ve spent a lot of time watching TV with my roommate. Usually we watch a few shows in the evening but this past week we’ve been “knocking off early” and relaxing with a movie or two.

I found out something interesting. We have a lot of channels on our TV.

When my roommate goes upstairs or into the kitchen I hit the buttons on the remote and it keeps switching to different programs. Sometimes it's just people talking but other times wild animals climbing trees or swimming. Or cooking contests. I had no idea all this was "out there."

But even with all the goofing off,  I have been working on my goals for 2019. I plan to “hit the ground running” on Monday morning. Which is a good way to land anytime you hit the ground, if you know what I mean.

I came up with a few resolutions. Trying to whittle it down but here’s the “rough draft.”

Goal: Suggest new products

I have a lot of ideas for healthy snackers, chew toys, hay blends and more.  Last year I was told my ideas were not “practical.” But this is a new year.

Do your rabbits and guinea pigs have any suggestions?  I’ll add them to the list.

Watch for the comment box (!) next week under my blog. You can leave product ideas, suggestions and other messages there.  Maybe just say hi.

Goal: Build a bigger home office

Saw this on “HGTV.” All you need is a budget and next thing you know somebody’s taking a hatchet to the wall.

I don't mind working under the steps. But if I had a bigger office I could have more privacy. Also I could use the closet space.

My roommate doesn’t like shows on HGTV. Says it’s not real life. But there is nothing fake about knocking down a wall and adding a few shelves. I’d like to get my work papers and books off the floor.

Goal: Buy a company plane

This is a goal for the company (Mr. Gordon) but it’s my idea. All we have to do is buy a plane and glue a big logo on it. Make it look like a hay box but in a tube.  

I could fly to visit my friends around the country. Drop off samples.

And if we sneak over the border to New Zealand that would be worth the layover, in my opinion. Cheaper than buying tickets.

Goal: My own bedroom

I don’t want to gossip but the English has been getting chummy with my boyfriend’s companion. There may be “wedding bells” in the future but that’s none of my business.

The thing is, he’ll probably move to the bottom level due to my boyfriend’s companion having certain “issues” with her bladder. I don’t want to write any more because of HIPAA laws. But I think you know where I’m going with this description of her problem and it’s not to the litter box.

I will probably get a note from HR about this. “TMI.” But my boyfriend’s companion can’t help if it her bladder needs an update like those living rooms on HGTV.

And if the English moves to the bottom floor, I’m out. I will not share a room with a burglar. Have to keep my stash under lock and key and  sleep with my eyes open. “No thank you.”

Goal: A home garden

My roommate needs a hobby and not in the house. With all the nonsense in 2018 with the romaine lettuce, I think it’s time for a backyard farm. No more recalls to worry about.

We have a flat space behind the house. My roommate should spend more time in the fresh air, in my opinion. Not cooped up indoors with all the fur. Not healthy. 

In fact the Vitamin D would be good for her. Helps fortify bones and memory and such.

It’s not hard to grow romaine lettuce or cilantro. Just need to weed every day. The more time you spend outside tending to the garden the better.

All of which I learned on, you guessed it. HGTV.  A show about "outdoor living spaces" which my roommate needs to watch instead of so many movies.



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