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Belinda Says Hay: “The First Holiday”

Belinda Says Hay "The First Holiday"

Hello. It’s Belinda.

You probably expect me to write about what the tech team did to me last week. Or should I say, what they did to my very first Ask Belinda blog.

But I’ve moved on. I don’t have any extra “bandwidth” for the tech team and their nonsense right now.

That’s because it’s Black Friday weekend. Which is the start of our busy season, according to my agent.

As far as I’m concerned, every day of the week is “busy.” Especially with all the software I’m trying to learn. But I know what she means. From now until Christmas it’s a whirlwind.

Speaking of Black Friday weekend, did you see the special deals on bundles? Hay, healthy snackers, herbs, mobiles, balls, fidget sticks, meadow loops. You name it, you’ll find it in a bundle.

One of them was my idea but I’m not allowed to say which. It has mini-cookies in it.

Check them out here.

The big sale started at midnight "on the dot" and my agent needed my help. So she invited me over for Thanksgiving, just like last year. Working the holiday is part of the job and I don’t mind.

But it turns out my roommate minds. She doesn’t know this, but I heard her on the phone last week, talking about my boyfriend. About how this was our first holiday without him.

“I just want the four of us together on Thanksgiving. I could make his favorite salad for everyone. To show we don’t forget him.”

Now I don’t know what she was talking about because my boyfriend did not have a favorite salad. He was easygoing about everything, and that includes food.

If I didn’t care for something, spinach for example, my boyfriend would eat it. And he would let me have all the cilantro. That’s just the way he was. Generous.

On Thanksgiving, my roommate dropped me off at my agent’s house on her way to wherever she went to dinner. She was quiet so I acted casual, like it was just a regular day.

I ended up having my holiday salad and herbs and snackers with Justice and Bill, the rabbits who moved from Las Vegas to the guest room at my agent’s house. But as usual I ate in the storage area outside their room. I said Happy Thanksgiving to them through the doorway but they didn’t answer.

I let it go. I have to be professional.

As I ate I couldn’t help worrying about my roommate. Wondering if she was sitting in a room by herself missing me, my boyfriend's companion and the English.

After dinner I napped until just before midnight. My agent wanted us ready to greet the “early birds” when the Black Friday deals went live. And we were.

It was a long night and I kept nodding off. But I have to admit, it was exciting too. We sold a lot of bundles, including the one I’m not supposed to mention.

When my agent finally gave me a lift back to my house I was ready to “hit the sleeping rug” and that’s exactly what I did. Walked in the front door and made a beeline to the bottom floor.

That’s when I found it. A plate the size of a steering wheel, right next to my sleeping spot. And on that plate, the tallest heap of greens I have ever seen. Collard, endive, dandelion, red leaf lettuce. Parsley. Cilantro.

And on the side, two pear blueberry healthy snackers.

I finished a third of the salad and stretched out to digest and relax. That’s when my roommate walked downstairs.

"There's my big white bunny." 

I was too tired to even open my eyes but I relaxed my ears to say hello. 

She smoothed the fur on my nose and cheeks a little, which always feels good when I’m stretched on my rug.  

“I’m so glad you're home, Belinda. And I'm so thankful that you are my roommate.”

The funny thing is, I was thinking the exact same thing. 



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