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Guinea Pigs

National Hairstyle Appreciation Day

National Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Whoever came up with this national day of recognition, we bet they missed the best hairstyles out there: rabbits and guinea pigs. Honestly.  What human has better hair than this? credit: pinterest We’ve got the classic Mohawk. credit: pinterest A kind of retro swingy 60s look works great for this rabbit. credit: pinterest There’s no denying street cred to … Continue Reading

Talking guinea pigs help explain pumpkin

Talking guinea pigs help explain pumpkin

We just can’t get enough of talking guinea pigs!  These two would be happy, we think, with our new pumpkin treats.  Made by one of the folks at the Missouri House Rabbit Society, these treats are high in fiber and yumminess.   Pumpkin is a great source of fiber, and soothing for the GI tract.  These … Continue Reading

little people little animals

Little People and Little Animals: teaching kids about rabbits and guinea pigs.

Rabbits and guinea pigs can be terrific friends for children, and the relationship can be rewarding for everyone involved.  It takes some work, though, parents.  The main themes aren’t that different than sharing your home with a dog, or cat, or really even other humans!  Teaching kids how to live with and love tiny animals … Continue Reading

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