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best greens for rabbits

St. Patricks Day Special: The Best Greens For Rabbits

It’s that time of year again! Where everything is better when it’s green. Green pancakes anyone? Greens for rabbits aren’t only a St. Patrick’s Day tradition. They are an all-year-long superfood! Hopefully for you hoomans as well, because one of the best ways to make a meal healthier is by making it green! Today we’re talking all … Continue Reading

bunny treats

Bunny Treats 101: The BEST Healthy Treats & Snacks for Rabbits

No party is complete without bunny treats. Treats not only help make occasions special but they help us bond with our rabbits! Nothing says friends like sharing your apple. When it comes to healthy treats, they can also be used to encourage foraging and exercise. So there’s plenty to do with treats and luckily there’s plenty … Continue Reading

rabbit exercise

Rabbit Exercise: Activities For a Happy, Healthy Bunny

     Rabbits need exercise just like we do! Or maybe even more than we do. According to The House Rabbit Society, “a bored rabbit is a naughty rabbit.” Rabbit exercise can free your pet from boredom and lower their stress! Which in return, lowers yours. Rabbits require a minimum of four hours of exercise for optimum physiological … Continue Reading

rabbit bite

What Makes a Rabbit Bite?

Whether or not a rabbit bites has more to do with their past life and their current environment than the personality they were born with. So, what makes a rabbit bite? Most often rabbits bite because they’re uncomfortable, scared, or even just surprised. A rabbit’s personality comes into play when you determine what they’re comfortable with. … Continue Reading

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