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Rats are popular pets

Rats as pets… Why are they so popular?

I went back and forth on this blog title because basically I just kept thinking “Well, because they’re awesome. Seems like such an obvious answer.” But for real… rats have been kept as pets for over a hundred years (think early 1900s). But even though they’ve been domesticated for quite some time, their popularity has … Continue Reading

Best 5 rat toys

Five Best Rat Toys

Imagine being stuck in a cage all day. Boring… times infinity plus one. But if you absolutely didn’t have a choice, and had to be confined to a cage all day, I’m gonna guess you’d probably want a thing or two to keep you busy and entertained until someone came home to let you out. … Continue Reading

is trust training a rat possible?

Is Trust Training a Rat Possible?

Is Trust Training a Rat Possible? Yes! But How?I’m sure you’ve all heard that quote: “trust is earned, not given.” And in my opinion, it’s really pretty true. I don’t give just any ol’ person my trust. By spending time, forming a bond and a friendship, getting to know that person… that’s how I begin … Continue Reading

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