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Holiday Pet Safety

rabbit in front of christmas presents

Aha! They finally put the Christmas tree up. Should I poop on the skirt or try to pull down those lights first? Oh, lookie, a dangling bulb. What to do? What to do?Wait. What’s that? Holly. So pretty. Maybe I should give it a nibble? Whoa. The plug leading to those candles in the window looks absolutely delish. So much to do so little time. Where should I start?  ...Sound familiar? Yep, it does to us, too. If you're like us, you're used to a lot of changes during the holiday season. Decorations, seeing people you hardly ever see... you get the point. And because there are so many changes, it's easy to forget how important holiday pet safety is... like, it really is. But lucky for you, we've got some tips. 

rabbit looking into Santa hat

Here Come The Holidays

Welcome to the holiday season with an animal. It’s a virtual wonderland of new things for your furry friend to see. And, unfortunately, to chew.

Even if your home has been meticulously proofed, invest the time to re-proof after you’ve put up your tree and other decorations. Because every day pet safety vs. holiday pet safety is very different. Plus, your pet's life could depend on it.

Oh, Christmas Tree...

What’s a lovely holiday tradition for us two-legged family members sure does look like an oversized chew toy for animals. That means it’s a direct target for excited little teeth.

You’ll have to animal proof whether you have a real or an artificial tree. However, if you have a real tree, make sure you know whether it’s been treated with fire retardants, pesticides, or other dangerous chemicals. If it has, keep your animal far away from the tree as chewing it can prove hazardous.

No dangerous chemicals? It should, according to the House Rabbit Society, be safe to chew. Artificial Christmas trees? Not so safe.

Keep ornaments and light strands from the lower branches, where your animal can easily reach them (even standing on their legs).

To Block or Not To Block?

That is the age old question. Are you confident that your tree is safe enough for your animal to be around? Or, is your little one a rascal who will find a way, no matter how impossible it seems, to tear down ornaments and wreak havoc?

An ex-pen is an excellent way to enjoy your tree while keeping your small animal safe. Some people also put their trees on a table or an elevated surface. 

And, if you’re really daring this holiday season, you can go with the latest style. An upside down tree hung from the ceiling. (Kidding. Kind of.)

Lookie! Plants!

All those gorgeous plants (holly, poinsettias, and mistletoe) add holiday cheer to your home. But, they probably look like delicious treats to your animals. ALL HOLIDAY PLANTS SHOULD BE INACCESSIBLE. If you place a plant on a table, for example, ensure there is absolutely no way for your animal to hop up and nibble on it.

Electrical Wires? Yummy!

Stop your animal before the thought of nibbling on those yummy electrical wires ever crosses their mind. The holiday season usually means far more wires than normal, but you’ve got a few choices for protecting them from rascally teeth.

OPTION 1: is one we’ve all tried and that just might work if your animal isn't a master climber or contortionist. Put the wires high enough so your pet can’t reach them. And that means she shouldn’t be able to jump onto a table or another surface to chew on them.

OPTION 2: You can opt for the popular cord protectors, sold in a variety of stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

Let The Holidays Begin!

Keep your small animals safe and happy this holiday season by making sure all of your decorations are thoroughly safety-proofed. Don't forget that you can also keep your small animal away from the tree and other decorations by offering plenty of fun and safe chew toys. Need some ideas?? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Holiday pet safety is real. And important. And we hope (and know) that you'll keep it in mind when preparing for the season. Cheers, ya'll.

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