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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Shark Attack (119)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 119 – The Shark Attack

Abigail rested comfortably in her spot by the window, ready for her afternoon half-nap. Suddenly, her little ears stood up. She heard the sound of the closet door opening. “Uh oh,” she thought, “Not again! Not the Shark attack!”

Sure enough, a big red machine appeared in the room with Dad following behind. Abigail looked up. On the front, in big silver letters, it read “Shark”. Dad said, “Sorry to disturb you, Abigail. It’s time to vacuum.” Abigail ran behind the couch and peered out to watch.

Rabbits hate having their space messed with and Abigail was no exception. Once a week, the sleeping red Shark would wake up and run through her territory. It never chased her, so she wasn’t scared of it. But for some reason, it liked her poop pellets. The Shark would roam through her territory, sucking up all of the poop pellet signs she used to mark her territory.

Abigail watched as the noisy Shark covered her territory, row by row. As the Shark got nearer and nearer, Abigail retreated further behind the couch. Soon afterwards, she heard it fade away as it left to circle another room. Abigail came out from behind the couch and looked around.

“Ugh! All my signs are gone!” she lamented, “Now I have to start all over again!”

Her work was cut out for her.

Abigail takes a close look at "the Shark".

Abigail takes a close look at "the Shark".

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