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Guinea Pigs

Young at heart, superfoods for elders

Young at Heart: superfoods for Elders!

Young at Heart is blended to take extra special care of elder animals. It is an anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic, to help with the aches and pains of old age.  It is a kidney and liver tonic, to keep those toxins flushed.  It has some extra calories and good fats, to keep weight on.  It has … Continue Reading

Milk Thistle for your pet

Why your animal needs milk thistle

   This little powerhouse is a superhero among herbs.  Milk thistle not only protects the liver against damage and helps get rid of toxins, it even helps liver cells regenerate.   As careful as we may be, and even if we use organic and natural products  around our homes, there is still quite a bit of pollution in … Continue Reading

variety is healthier

Variety is more than fun, it is healthier.

Small animals are snackers.  All day long with the snacking.  Sugar models a leaf for us.  We think it is her color. Small animals can spend up to 75% of their time looking for food, nibbling stuff, and looking for the next good thing to eat.  Three quarters of their time!  During this search for the next … Continue Reading

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