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Guinea Pigs

lethal white guinea pigs

Lethal White Guinea Pigs

Lethal white guinea pigs may have a shorter lifespan than normal piggies, but they still have plenty of love to give. Most are blind and missing one or more front teeth. Some are also deaf, and many will have chronic dental disease, deformities, neurological deficiencies, and gastrointestinal problems. While their time with us may be … Continue Reading

Cataracts in Guinea Pigs

Cataracts in Guinea Pigs

You may have noticed your senior guinea pig’s eyes have gradually become cloudy over the years. Simply put, a cataract is opacity of the lens the eye. Cataracts are fairly common in older guinea pigs. They can also be genetic and show up in younger pigs, although it is less likely. Any guinea pig can … Continue Reading

Guinea Pig Food: Pellets and More

Guinea Pig Food: Pellets and More

GUINEA PIGS AND VITAMIN C DEFICIENCY Guinea pigs and primates, like us, are unable to make their own vitamin C. Because their bodies can’t synthesize or store it, they need to receive around 10-30 mg per day through their diet. Guinea pigs that don’t get enough vitamin C are at risk for scurvy, even when … Continue Reading

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