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Guinea Pigs

Introducing guinea pigs: preparation.

Introducing guinea pigs: preparation.

We’ve talked about why guinea pigs need another piggy in their lives, and how to find the right match.  Introducing guinea pigs isn’t rocket science, but a few steps upfront can make all the difference.  Let’s lay some groundwork to make sure the relationship has a chance to blossom.  photo credit: There are some things you will need to do … Continue Reading

Introducing Guinea Pigs: the first meeting.

Introducing Guinea Pigs: the first meeting.

You’ve read up on the social nature of guinea pigs, how to choose a match, and how to get ready for the big day.  It is time for the first meeting. Let’s do this carefully, so we have the very best chance of them getting along great from the very beginning.  Introducing guinea pigs requires some patience, and you’ll have … Continue Reading

little people little animals

Little People and Little Animals: teaching kids about rabbits and guinea pigs.

Rabbits and guinea pigs can be terrific friends for children, and the relationship can be rewarding for everyone involved.  It takes some work, though, parents.  The main themes aren’t that different than sharing your home with a dog, or cat, or really even other humans!  Teaching kids how to live with and love tiny animals … Continue Reading

storing hay

Storing hay

Hay is messy, and takes up space. Where and how we store it can be problematic – we want it out of the way, but we need to get to it several times a day.   Your hay does best in the dark, where sun can’t damage it.  It also does best in dry places, with lots … Continue Reading

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