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Belinda Says Hay: “Meet My Family”

Belinda Says Hay Blog masthead. "Meet My Family"

Hello. It's Belinda.

It's back and it's better than ever.

I'm talking about the Advent Calendar. Have you checked it out yet?

Visit every day for a special goodie or surprise. Especially tomorrow (Monday, Dec. 7).  

I can't  tell you why. It's something fun for you and your roommate. I picked it.

Speaking of fun. I was goofing off on Facebook the other day and I ran into something called the #meetmybunChallenge 

It's a "questionnaire" you answer. Just fill in the blanks.

I did one for myself and posted it on the Small Pet Select Facebook page.

Here's what it looks like:

Belinda the Spokesrabbit Smiling

My name is: Belinda

My nickname is: Belinda

My birthday is: April 22 (approximately). My paperwork is in New Zealand.

My favorite veggie or fruit: Buttercrunch lettuce.

Read about my favorite lettuce here.

Best friend: My boyfriend’s companion. Also known as “Little Fang.”

My biggest fear: My stash being flooded again.

Read about the big flood here.

My favorite thing to do is: Get messages from my friends.

Where I sleep: On my laptop during meetings. Just kidding.

Favorite toy: Dining room carpet (in the corner).

Do I cuddle: This is not a professional question in my opinion.


My breed: “Big White Bunny” per my roommate

That's it.

All you have to do is answer some questions.

I had the time of my life reading the #meetmybunChallenge posts. Interesting to see what other rabbits do for fun.

You ask me a lot of questions about my life here at home. So I thought I would do a #meetmybunChallenge for Little Fang and you-know-who. 

So you can get a "snapshot."

I did not show these to anyone here. So this is just my opinion if you know what I mean.  

I hope you like them. I drew the pictures.

Little Fang, drawn by Belinda the Spokesrabbit

My name is: My boyfriend's companion

My nickname is: "Little Fang" and "Little Bat."

Plus others that I won't get into. Not in my blog. 

My roommate calls us something new every week. I just ignore her.

Does my boyfriend's companion look like a bat?

Little Fang with a Bat Body

My birthday is: Sometime in January. 

My favorite veggie or fruit: Spring mix. She can really "put it away" too.

Best friend: Me. (Belinda.)

Read about our friendship here.

My biggest fear: Noises in the night. Crickets behind the furnace. Headlights outside the window. 

She mutters nonsense all night long. Read about it here.

My favorite thing to do is: Ask me questions when I'm asleep

Where I sleep: In her pen but not at night. That's when she makes a racket. 

Favorite toy: Stare into space. Which isn't a toy. 

Do I cuddle: She used to cuddle with my boyfriend. (She was his companion).

Read about my boyfriend here.

Do I give kisses: She refuses to groom me which is rude. I push my face through the bars of her pen and she just stares at me. 

My breed:  Fruit bat

The English, drawn by Belinda

My name is: The English

My nickname is: The thief. "Teacher's Pet." He gets away with everything.

Read about how the English tried to steal Christmas. 

My birthday is: Everyday is your birthday when you're spoiled. 

My favorite veggie or fruit: Anything he can steal from my stash. 

Where is my missing pine cone?

Best friend: The roommate is his best friend. She's also his "sugar mama." I should delete that. 

My biggest fear: That I get past all the fences and pay him a visit.

My favorite thing to do is: Whatever he wants. That's the whole problem.

Where I sleep: On the bedroom level. I can hear him through the vents.

Favorite toy: Stolen.

Do I cuddle: Maybe Little Fang can answer that one. 

Do I give kisses: Little Fang should know. 

Read about their "romance" here.  

My breed: English Spot and who-knows-what. Just my opinion.


Well I hope that answered some questions. Now you know why I can't work in peace.

I want to do one of these questionnaires for my roommate but I have to be on "good behavior." Santa's coming in a few weeks. 

On that note.  Be sure to look at the Advent Calendar tomorrow.

I hope you have a good week. 



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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