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Mice bathroom habits: what do you need to know?

Mice Bathroom Habits

While many people consider mice dirty pests, they are spotless animals. Additionally, pet mice are so fastidious their potty habits are tidy too! Therefore, today, we're going to discuss mice bathroom habits.

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Why lots of 💩 production…

Fact: mice poop A LOT. In fact, their production equals 1% of their body weight. 

As omnivores, mice consume a significant amount of plant-based food; their diet naturally generates a lot of 💩. So, as pawrents, monitoring mice bathroom habits might be the first sign that something is wrong.

Litter preferences

Just like humans, mice love soft, paper-based products for their cute little bums. Fortunately for you, Small Pet Select sells exactly what mice prefer for litter. Please check out our helpful blog on Bedding for Mice to learn more.

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Litter box training!

Yes, I’m serious. Mice can be taught to use a litter box in their enclosure. As I said earlier, mice are exceptionally clean, including their bathroom habits. Typically, mice will potty in the same area daily. Once they choose their bathroom location, you can place a small litter box filled with paper-based litter in that spot.

How to request donations

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