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rabbit free roaming

Preparing For Free Roam

House rabbits just have so much personality. If you’ve ever had an apple, a banana, or just about any other food ripped from your hands by your bun – just as you were about to take a bite –  you already know that. And, those personalities just explode when a rabbit is a treasured member … Continue Reading

pen covers

Keeping your bunny inside the ex-pen

You’ve got a tiny little rabbit, and a 36″ ex-pen.  You don’t have to worry, right?  Hah!  Rabbits can jump at least 2 feet, and often up to 4 feet!  They also can use those back feet to “push off”, much like a cat making a big leap, and get even more distance.  Amazing little athletes! So … Continue Reading

house rabbits are indoor rabbits

Pet rabbits are HOUSE rabbits…INDOOR rabbits!

 photo credit: Pet rabbits are domestic rabbits.  Domestic rabbits are not the same as wild rabbits. Only wild rabbits can live outdoors. Domestic pet rabbits are house rabbits. PET RABBITS MUST LIVE INDOORS.  NO EXCEPTIONS. photo credit:    Rabbits are, of course, prey animals.  Even if predators cannot actually get in to your rabbit’s … Continue Reading

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